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Pictures of second class levers

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Levers are inflexible, rigid bars that are used to do work. They are one of the six kinds of simple machines. Levers turn, or pivot, on a fulcrum. There are three different classes of levers.
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Class Two Lever Examples

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12 Best Levers images in | Simple machines, Physical Science, Physical Therapy

A lever could be something as simple as a wooden board with a ridge that freely rotates or moves on a pivot. The most common and popular lever can be found in many playgrounds: a see-saw or teeter-totter. They are found everywhere and it is one of the most useful simple machines. There are three classes of levers. All classes of levers have four basic parts: Beam- The lever, a wooden plank or metal bar resting on the fulcrum. Fulcrum- the pivot or the turning point. Force- the effort or input needed to move the beam and load.
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Other classes of levers

The lever is one of the six simple machines which were defined by Renaissance scientists hundreds of years ago, also including the wheel , the inclined plane , the screw , the wedge and the pulley. You have used a lever in some shape or form without actually realizing it. So for instance scissors, nut crackers, pliers, hedge shears, bolt cutters and lopping shears all use levers in their design. A prybar or crowbar is a lever also, and when you prise open the lid of a tin with the handle of a spoon, you are using "the law of the lever" to create a greater force.
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Types of lever: What kind of lever is a see-saw? All levers fall into one of three types of lever. How can we tell which lever is in which class?

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